Craftiness: Boring blue

Saturday, July 12, 2008

We'll see how well this "craftiness" segment goes, seeing as my crafty adventures are sporadic in nature. Nonetheless, I'm surprised I've been so quick on this project (and the image taken with similar haste). I started the Aran Cable Scarf free on the LionBrand site just two days ago.
I have to admit I don't really like this color, so I won't be sporting this scarf in my own wardrobe, but it was the only yarn I had enough of to complete a scarf. I always thought that cables were some sort of scary juggling act of knitting, but after a little surfing found out that you don't even need a cable needle. So, the LionBrand pattern became a base for a few of my own tweaks. I used only the first cable pattern throughout the whole scarf, and I've done a left-cross cable instead of a right-cross.

Should be finished tonight, aside from sizing; only one foot left to go!


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