Swag-market Sweep

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Friday marked the end of the first week of class, and was celebrated by thousands of people gathering for the annual mass chaos known as Bronco Bash. I didn't even bother taking my camera; there wasn't enough room to take a photo. You do your best to weave through the mob of people finding booths with vendor giveaways, student organizations, clubs, and local businesses while listening to local bands play at the stage.
Every year, over 400 student organizations, university departments, community members, local businesses and area restaurants participate in Bronco Bash. This is a great opportunity to showcase your organization to over 25,000 participants.
That 25,000 number is very real but I managed to find a few choice bits:The haul is meager, even paltry compared to most, but I wasn't grabbing every pamphlet, piece of candy, or signing my name away for t-shirts (and credit cards).

Props of the day goes to The League of Women Voters for stocking absentee ballot applications in addition to voter registration. I can't wait to get my ballot in the mail. Michigan needs a good student-voter turnout.


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