How does Your Garden Grow?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I've been blaming work for my not posting, but writing to my readers is what I think about when the worst of life hits me. A recent post over at The Little Red Hen reminded me that I couldn't ignore posting any longer. (I don't have pictures because my camera charger went missing until just yesterday, and I'm loathe to fork over $20 bucks for a cable to pull them from my phone.) Last weekend my roomies came with to house-sit for my parents.
The garden is starting to produce beautifully. Spinach and lettuce were waiting for another harvest, and the strawberry plants have not only doubled in size, they're sporting blooms! Maybe we'll be lucky enough to have some to share with the family on the July 4th weekend. Peas are climbing their trellis, and tomatoes are starting to establish.
Soon I'll have a garden of my own at the apartment: only a small hanging basket and a pot of basil sat on the patio then, but while I was home in Chelsea I picked up two beautiful purple Delphinium to make a statement and begin building the outdoor "room". Mom lovingly set aside an additional basil plant to make sure there's a big enough harvest for pesto later on.

Thanks for getting me out of my funk!


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