Study Break

Monday, November 12, 2007

This is where I want to be......This is where I have to be.But I need a break to stay sane, so let's visit the nicer side of the room.My "hex hat" was too big and bulky for my little head, so these granny hexagons will happily become the start of a new afghan. It's only big enough for little Anni right now, but it will grow...once I buy more yarn. Last time I was at HobbyLobby however, my friends and I picked these up:I know it doesn't look like much, and it is an experiment into the world of sewing, but I'm excited to take this project on. For now I'll just say that it will be weighted, cube-like, and a plush if that didn't give it away. Maybe I'll make a tutorial if it turns out OK. The hour is late, but it will be long-spent before I have earned my retreat to slumber. Because of this, I must return to the bleaker, code-filled side of the room.


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