A Teacup Oasis

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The sun hides behind the clouds and the cold settles in. Leaves crunch beneath the soles of shoes as feet carry students to class. The professor is sick, defining infinite series while the students harmonize with her every cough. The dorm room is a spartan retreat, but all it takes is a hot cup of tea and a skein of yarn to whisk me away to my mind's garden. Every tea takes you someplace new; Earl Grey to an old scholar's library with plush leather armchairs and walls of book-stuffed shelves, green Matcha tea to the clean lines and decor of a Japanese tea room graced with caligraphic artwork, flowers, and the sound of tabi socks striding over tatami. Or more exotic, blend the African Rooibos bush with the cocoa bean and throw in the leaves of Yerba Mate and almond pieces for a real earthy retreat. Ahh... Teavana, you taste so good.

I need a breather from schoolwork this weekend and will be setting aside time to work on a few projects I've been eager to start. I've added a project list on the right-hand side for anyone who is keeping track, or wondering when the heck I'll finish something. Your comments are welcomed and encouraged, as always.


Anonymous said...

Tea is nice. But I prefer the sludgy, bitterness of cold gas station coffee. It whisks me away to an old trucker's trailer with an overstuffed Lazyboy and ugly gold linoleum that doubles as kitchen tile and wallpaper. :P

I need you to focus your creativity on how to finish those stilts 'cause by-golly-gee we'll finish them goshdarn things.

Anne said...

Gaffer's tape. And the foot-strap... somehow.

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